Salesforce Partnership Helps Drive Growth & Value for Marketing Operations

New doors are open as CapabilitySource partners with Salesforce. Together there is an opportunity to grow our focus on the comprehensive digital experience for small and mid-size companies. These solutions address digital marketing needs that drive acquisition, deepen client relationships and increase customer retention.

CapabilitySource is committed to helping business and marketing executives achieve their goals through exceptional customer experiences and fully integrated marketing campaigns. With our proven track record of driving strong business outcomes, a partnership with Salesforce’s Digital Experience Platform brings exciting new opportunities to meet the needs of regional and local companies that desire enterprise-class capabilities.

Benefits to Partnership

With access to the complete Salesforce Digital Experience Platform, we can now provide an integrated marketing stack to small and mid-market clients that is not only affordable but also supportable.

In utilizing Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud and Interaction Studio, CapabilitySource can increase clients’ marketing ROI. Salesforce has made strong investments in the digital experience space which enables marketers to have specific data-driven customer journeys. Companies can take advantage of Salesforce’s AI-driven tools to curate uniquely tailored digital experiences for their customers and prospects. This can help to drive customer engagement, retention and greater conversion.

Current CapabilitySource clients are being provided with a great new advantage with the partnership as well. The majority of our clients already have the Salesforce CRM implemented, and because of the partnership, they can expand into the Salesforce experience platform. This would not have been possible before, but the partnership has created greater opportunities for clients to accelerate the delivery of a new customer experience.

CapabilitySource is in a unique position within the industry because we not only understand marketing needs, but we understand all aspects of implementing technology platforms such as Salesforce. Although CapabilitySource previously worked with Salesforce, there was never the opportunity to work within their platform to build additional custom user experience logic. Now there is.

Together we are capable of creating the most unique and effective user experiences possible.


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