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No one wants to change their business processes to adapt to a purchased tool. But this is exactly what we see happening when clients purchase a SaaS (software as a service) solution and expect it to meet their needs out of the box. Many modern cloud technologies solve work management challenges; however, data is used in many different ways unique to specific company needs.

For example, financial clients are interested in how customers find information across digital channels. For insurance clients, their highest priority might be ensuring compliance with emerging regulations. Retailers are interested in better customer segmentation, which means a centralized database and analytic capabilities. And marketers within all of these industries need a streamlined way to review and approve creative digital work with outside resources.

So instead of manipulating and folding business processes and information to fit into the tool, we create entirely new interfaces for what a client wants so that user experience is improved and work is optimized. CapabilitySource can extend a product out of the box in ways that are unique to specific customers and where user experience is improved, resulting in happier and more productive employees.

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