CS Connect

Bridging the gap with custom solutions.

Why CS Connect?

Extend and enhance cloud based technologies with features and user experiences built specifically for your team. Optimize your workflow with custom built integrations and automations to take your monday.com or Adobe Workfront solutions to the next level.

Custom-designed applications for your unique needs.

CS Connect serves as the vital link between a general-purpose task management system and a highly effective operations solution. Our CS Labs application and service developers can extend any cloud technology to make it work the way your team needs. We can design, build, and host completely custom services that give your team the edge in productivity and efficiency. Whether you're managing projects, workflows, or resources, CS Connect gives your team the ability to craft custom and unique workflows to give you a competitive edge.

Custom-branded user experiences to fit your team's needs.

Unlock the full potential of your operations with CS Connect's pre-built efficiency utilities. Designed to maximize productivity, our collection of pre-built tools and utilities allows your team to jumpstart productivity and accelerate user adoption. From automated notifications to advanced, fully customizable forms, CS Connect offers pre-built, best practice tools and services to accelerate any monday.com or Adobe Workfront solution.

Break down data silos with limitless custom integrations.

Seamlessly integrate data across programs that don't natively communicate with one another through CS Connect. Acting as a bridge between disparate systems, our solution facilitates smooth data exchange, fostering collaboration and enhancing decision-making. Whether you're integrating custom legacy systems or connecting specialized third-party applications, CS Connect ensures data fluidity and interoperability, enabling you to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

CS Connect offers custom-built user experiences, automations and integrations to extend SaaS products in ways that are unique and innovative to each organization. With CS Connect custom apps, virtually anything is possible with Adobe Workfront or monday.com. If you can dream it, it can be built.

CS Connect empowers users to create custom user experiences, automations and integrations tailored to their specific needs, allowing seamless data exchange, workflow automation, and collaboration across different platforms and departments. CS Connect allows users to optimize their workflow in ways that can’t be accomplished with out-of-the-box Adobe Workfront and monday.com functionality.
While Adobe Workfront and monday.com offer robust project management functionalities, CS Connect adds value by providing custom-built functionality to meet the unique needs of a team or organization. This often includes custom user experience, branded user experience, custom integration and custom reporting that can’t be configured with out-of-the-box functionality.
Yes, CS Connect facilitates cross-platform collaboration by connecting disparate systems and enabling seamless data exchange between Adobe Workfront, monday.com, and other platforms, ensuring compatibility and efficiency across the organization. CS Connect may be used to extend any SaaS technology to include functionality that is not provided out-of-the-box.

Ready to give it a try?

If you’re an existing Adobe Workfront or monday.com customer, getting your organization setup to with CS Connect is an easy process! Contact our team to take the next steps to make work more enjoyable for your entire team.

Need a custom solution?

CapabilitySource loves solving complex operational challenges. If you have an operational level problem needing a solution, we have an entire division dedicated to serve you. CS Labs is ready to create a custom developed application to make your operations run smoothly.