Project Essentials

All the essentials, all in one place.

Why Project Essentials?

Tailored for marketing teams, creative teams and PMO teams, Project Essentials app lets you automatically generate portfolios, programs, projects and tasks from templates. Easily navigate project due dates, rollup timelines, calculate progress, and view other vital data points.

Reduce manual planning time by generating template-based items.

Say goodbye to tedious manual project setup. With Project Essentials, seamlessly integrate pre-built programs, project and task templates into your workflow – streamlining your processes and saving valuable time. From product management to marketing campaigns to creative projects, our automated system ensures consistency and efficiency every step of the way.

Create top-down project links to connect your work together.

Whether managing portfolios, programs, or individual tasks, our intuitive apps offer unparalleled organization and visibility. Easily navigate between different levels of project complexity, linking items together to ensure seamless coordination and alignment across your entire team.

Accelerate adoption and reduce the cost of your work management system.

Empower your team to hit the ground running with Project Essentials. Tailored for marketing teams, creative teams, and PMO teams, our suite of tools simplifies and accelerates the adoption of your work management system. From onboarding new team members to optimizing existing workflows, our apps ensure smooth sailing from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Essentials enhances your experience by offering a bundle of apps designed to optimize project management processes, including features such as It’s On Time for time tracking, Project, Campaign and Task Generators, Project Viewers and Project Rollup Services.
Project Essentials provides additional functionalities and automations tailored to the needs of project managers and teams using, enhancing task management, workflow automation, and collaboration within the platform. Project Essentials is designed to automate much of the work commonly required during project setup by dynamically generating programs, campaigns, projects, jobs and tasks from predefined, personalized templates.
While offers robust project management functionalities, Project Essentials adds value by automating many common project management tasks including program, campaign, project, job and task creation. Project Essentials also links these items together in hierarchical fashion so all of the items in an entire program remain connected and organized.

Yes, Project Essentials can be customized to align with specific project requirements and workflows within, allowing project managers to tailor the framework to their unique project and program types and track the specific information their projects require.

Ready to give it a try?

If you’re an existing customer, getting your organization setup to use Project Essentials is an easy process! Contact our team to take the next steps towards better data insights for your organization.

Need a custom solution?

CapabilitySource loves solving complex operational challenges. If you have an operational level problem needing a solution, we have an entire division dedicated to serve you. CS Labs is ready to create a custom developed application to make your operations run smoothly.