Data Extractor

Get the updated, accurate data insights you need.

Why Data Extractor?

Free all data in or Adobe Workfront to be used across the enterprise, making integrated reporting, deep analytics, advanced dashboards and cross-system integrations possible.

Seamlessly exchange data with other systems.

Break down data silos and foster collaboration across your enterprise with Data Extractor. Our platform enables seamless data exchange between systems, empowering you to access your data and gain valuable insights when and where you need them. Say goodbye to data fragmentation and hello to streamlined workflows with better decision-making.

Create cross-system dashboards to view data.

Gain the power of comprehensive data visualization with Data Extractor's ability to unlock or Adobe Workfront’s operational data. From project progress to resource allocation, our system will continuously synchronize your data to ensure you have constant, updated information to make informed decisions. Data Extractor will continually update extracted data as it changes.

Evaluate performance of project delivery, tasks, and more.

Once you’ve connected your collected data from multiple systems, Data Extractor will help you gain deep insights into project performance, task completion rates, and resource utilization. Better information enables you to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. With integrated data, you'll have the information you need to ensure project success and drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Extractor provides access to data locked deep within SaaS systems and makes it available for other uses including integration, analysis and reporting using tools like Power BI, Cognos and Tableau.

Data Extractor complements Adobe Workfront and by enabling integrated reporting, historical data retention, deep data analysis, and easy access to information locked in SaaS technologies, allowing users to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of project data.

Data Extractor simplifies data management by consolidating data from multiple sources and storing it in a relational data structure, enabling users to perform integrated reporting, historical analysis, and to create reports and dashboards that can’t be created in Adobe Workfront or natively.
Yes, Data Extractor can be configured to extract specific information at specific frequencies to ensure that the right data is available when needed, allowing users to tailor reporting dashboards and analysis tools to their unique project management needs.

Ready to give it a try?

If you’re an existing Adobe Workfront or customer, getting your organization setup to use Data Extractor is an easy process! Contact our team to take the next steps towards better data insights for your organization.

Need a custom solution?

CapabilitySource loves solving complex operational challenges. If you have an operational level problem needing a solution, we have an entire division dedicated to serve you. CS Labs is ready to create a custom developed application to make your operations run smoothly.