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Designed and developed by CapabilitySource for marketing optimization, CapabilitySource Connect is a suite of pre-built services and embeddable pages that streamlines and simplifies the marketing experience using out- of-the-box software tools. Inspired by implementations with some of the largest brands, CapabilitySource Connect enables marketing groups great ease in aligning processes around industry best practice.

  • Efficiency Utilities include:
  • Campaign ID Generator
  • Campaign Vehicle Generator
  • Resource Assignment Generator
  • Design Folder Generator
  • Campaign Summary Navigator
  • Combined Campaign Updates Navigator
  • Shared Report Folder Navigator

“With the campaign features alone that CapabilitySource Connect has offered, we are estimating a $1 million annual cost savings due to time and error reduction”– Marketing Client within a Large Fortune 100 Financial Institution

CapabilitySource Connect makes it possible to easily integrate workflow systems like Workfront, JIRA, Google, SAP, salesforce, NetSuite, ServiceNow and Workday.

Need help navigating marketing ops budget and remote workforces through COVID-19?