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Technology marketers compete in an environment where consumer behavior is changing, customer loyalty is fading and it’s becoming very hard to build strong brand awareness and clear differentiation. Consumers have overwhelming technology options and information sources that confuse buying decisions.

Marketers are challenged to influence buying group dynamics, and competitive disruption is commonplace. Customer data collection and use restrictions like GDPR inhibit personalization objectives and handicap efforts that enrich and act on customer insights.

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CapabilitySource Technology Marketing Improvements

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Centralized and secure data and document management with advanced access control to prevent compliance incidents

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Intuitive user experience with role-based training and change management that demystifies marketing technology and drives adoption

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Streamlined creative development that shortens content production cycle time and accelerates time to market

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Integrated work management that accelerates sales interactions and engages product management

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Reduced administrative burden and rework that allows more time for strategy refinement, content creation and sales support

Marketing solutions that simplify the Customer Journey

For technology marketers, it is particularly important to establish centralized marketing operations maturity to help manage strategy shifts, budget changes, technology adoption and customer data restrictions. It’s also important to find ways of helping the consumer get through the buying process with information that simplifies the journey and establishes trust.

Technology Marketing Characteristics

Desire to be involved early in product development

Growing SEO challenges with reduced organic reach

Hyper competitive marketplace with differentiation challenges

Increasing customer data restrictions with regulations like GDPR

Need to accelerate sales conversations

Tendency for poor process documentation and lack of operational rigor

Integrate. Streamline. Automate.

Overcome challenges by integrating sales and product management systems, streamlining creative development activities and automating asset sharing and production activities. In so doing, technology marketers can get their message in market faster than the competition. Integrated marketing solutions by CapabilitySource allow marketers to shift time in their day from job setup, handoffs, rework and performance reporting to understanding buying behaviors to create differentiating, compelling messaging and campaigns.

What Makes CapabilitySource Different?

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