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Challenge: Global Marketing Coordination

An international video game development company’s leadership team recognized a need to better coordinate product release activities around the globe. They initially chose a leading collaborative work management technology to help standardize process, coordinate activities, increase capability, improve user experience and gain control of marketing processes in these regions.


Leadership recognized, however, that it needed a highly automated, custom digital solution that went beyond out-of-the-box capabilities. The company needed to integrate best-of-breed marketing work management, proofing and digital asset management technologies into one integrated solution.

Primary Objectives

  • Integrated Workflows and Visibility
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • User Adoption
  • Multicultural/Regional Inclusion
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At CapabilitySource we believe that the difference between a good and great technology happens at the user experience level. Why settle for good when you can have great?


CapabilitySource designed and created a custom user experience to meet the unique needs of regional marketing teams. This allowed staff to focus more time on asset creation and delivery. The integrated solution included:

  • Focus on asset delivery and coordinated work across regional barriers
  • Automatic generation of hundreds of asset tasks
  • Agility to deal with frequent changes and customizations
  • Custom handling of digital files, including extremely large video assets
  • Highly streamlined user experience that prevents confusion and mistakes
  • Wizard-based assembly of complex, multi-regional campaigns
  • Utilization of campaign templates (tiers) that include common asset combinations
  • A single, unified interface for uploading assets that are stored in a centralized DAM system
  • Automation of many complex business rules to simplify the user experience


CapabilitySource built a highly personalized marketing console that leverages three integrated marketing technologies. The solution is customized to meet the unique needs of each global region and orchestrated hundreds of campaign activities across many time zones. The design is a modern approach to integrating best-of-breed technologies that meets the needs of a global marketing team.

Success Story Satisfaction Chart

CapabilitySource has helped our team adjust our workflow to reflect a new organizational structure; incorporating new users and overhauling our metadata. These changes will allow us to track new work types that have emerged in our changing business landscape. Additionally, CapabilitySource has helped us formulate new approaches to our resource management.

Associate Director, Fortune 100 Entertainment Client

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