Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmark Assessment

Kudos to you! You are taking the first steps toward operational excellence.

To complete the benchmark assessment and receive your individualized report, answer at least 4 of the 6 multiple choice questions in each of the sections across People, Process, technology and Information (total of 4 sections).

To get started, enter the following information below:

*Disclaimer: The accuracy and usefulness of the assessment results and report is dependent upon the amount of effort and transparency you provide while completing the benchmark assessment. Our experts at CapabilitySource recommend carving out at least 40 minutes to answer these questions thoughtfully and to the best of your ability.

We are firm believers that good things take time. While there will be a significant amount of effort required on your end initially, we are confident you will find ample value in the results and actionable suggestions you receive from your custom benchmark report.

What Comes After the Benchmark Assessment?

Once you have completed the benchmark assessment, you will instantly receive an email with a custom report containing your organization’s calculated levels of operational maturity across People, Process, technology and Information on a scale from Ad Hoc, Basic, Managed or Optimized. The report will also include actionable recommendations tailored to your organization’s current level of operational maturity that you will be able to begin implementing or take to leadership to gain additional buy–in.

After you have looked through your report, we strongly recommend scheduling a free review session with one of the CapabilitySource marketing operations experts to create a detailed game plan to bring your assessment recommendations to fruition and realize the next level of operational maturity in your organization. We hope to help you achieve your marketing goals and drive growth soon!