Our Process

Marketing Operations Transformation in 4 Steps? Yes, please.

At CapabilitySource, we use a proven 4-step process to help clients realize marketing operations excellence. We have successfully applied this process in over 150 marketing operations solutions and implementations with clients from mid-size companies to enterprise Fortune 100 organizations. And we have zero failures.

We are confident our process will work for you and your marketing organization too.


Discovery & Design

In any improvement roadmap, it is important to understand your current state before plotting the journey to your ultimate destination. At CapabilitySource, we begin any operational solution design by conducting an in-depth health assessment of your organization across People, Process, technology and Information. We use this assessment to determine business needs, current MarTech constraints, and identify overall operational goals. Our marketing operations consultants use this information to determine a solution approach, create a solution design and build solution requirements to meet your immediate and long-term needs.

Then the journey begins.


Configuration & Development

Once your solution has been designed, our consultants will work with your team to decide on the right metrics that will determine a successful project to ensure we are all working toward the same goal. Our solutions typically include taking a business architecture approach toward consolidating legacy technologies, optimizing current technologies, introducing new technologies into your marketing ecosystem or (often) a combination of technology strategies to assist in achieving your business goals. Where technology exists, we will extend, enhance and integrate it. Where technology is missing, we will help you acquire, design and implement it, or we will build it from scratch- uniquely for you.

Our consultants will draw upon their previous experience working in enterprise marketing organizations and extensive experience from past consulting projects to implement and configure your MarTech and processes for optimal results.

An operational transformation guided by our consultants’ expertise and authentic desire to help is a journey in the right direction.


Testing & Training

A solution that works in theory, but not in practice is useless. Once your solution has been implemented, we will conduct thorough user acceptance testing to ensure your solution fulfills all requirements in an effective and efficient manner. We will use the results of these tests to then enhance and extend your solution so that it is the best it can be. While we work on the finishing touches, we will also develop training materials and begin training your team on how to operate using their new solution. 

But the journey does not end there…


Adoption & Optimization

At CapabilitySource, our core belief is that people are the most important part to any marketing operations transformation- and we work in that manner. After your team has received initial training, we will guide you through the extensive process of ADKAR change management to support full user adoption and ultimately make sure your team is getting everything they need from the solution. We will not abandon you after your solution goes live- quite the opposite.

Our consultants will continue to give you the time, attention and effort you deserve to further optimize your solution and ensure success.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to achieve your marketing goals? Let’s talk about how our marketing team-oriented, fail-proof process will work with your organization and specific needs.