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We realize there are many companies that offer the gold standard in work management solutions, but we also know that one size doesn’t fit all. So instead of creating a from-scratch solution, we recognize where our partners’ expertise will fit our client. We then tailor the solution using our expertise within process design, API automations and change management methodologies. We build partnerships with these gold standard companies to accomplish great things together by taking a partner’s product, tool or service and customizing it to solve the personal and custom needs of our client.

Adobe Workfront

CapabilitySource clients use Adobe Workfront as a collaborative work management technology when reducing labor costs and increasing capacity associated with marketing research, strategy, planning, budgeting, creative development, compliance review, fulfillment and performance measurement. Adobe Workfront provides world-class enterprise work management technology that includes advanced features like project management, website proofing, resource management and capacity planning. Adobe Workfront is highly extensible through API services and includes organizational features to manage work and user communities across enterprises and functional business areas. Adobe Workfront is ideal for larger marketing teams that want to take operational excellence to the next level.

Adobe Fusion

CapabilitySource clients use Adobe Fusion to extend and enhance marketing technologies through API services. Although an Adobe product, Fusion is designed to integrate any technology in the MarTech stack. Fusion is uniquely suited for the development of services that replace manual activities such as status updates, document generation, project creation, notification and synchronization of data between systems. Fusion is ideal for marketing clients who desire to streamline and optimize end-to-end marketing activities and eliminate all steps that are tedious and time consuming. 
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CapabilitySource clients use Workato as an enterprise automation technology used to integrate within and beyond the MarTech stack. Workato’s proven success as an enterprise-grade integration hub for marketing data exchange and advanced AI, security and extensibility are ideal for MarTech integration needs. Our clients have seamlessly integrated multiple work management technologies, ERP systems and compliance systems with Workato’s low-code/no-code integration capability. Workato allows our integration specialist to focus more time and effort on business process and less time on tedious technical coding and configuration. Workato is ideal for marketing teams that need to reduce manual effort, automate complex decisions and streamline the entry and exchange of documents and data.

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CapabilitySource clients use a range of Adobe products to deliver advanced creative development, campaign management and asset management capabilities using Adobe’s marketing and digital experience platform technologies. We combine enterprise work management improvements with Adobe marketing technologies to streamline and optimize the end-to-end marketing lifecycle. Adobe technologies help our clients become highly efficient and effective, digital, virtual marketing teams. Adobe technology is ideal for marketing teams that desire higher quality digital content and improved asset tracking and reuse.


CapabilitySource clients use Welcome to simplify prioritization, bottom-up budgeting, tactical planning, asset management, publishing, and measurement of marketing content and campaigns. Welcome’s feature-rich visual interface, calendars, dashboards and reports provide an intuitive user experience for managing marketing work or all types. Welcome provides an extensive library of application connectors and an open API to leverage integrated digital marketing solutions across your business. Built-in campaign and keyword search analytics provide critical information necessary for continual improvement and content effectiveness. Welcome is a premier technology solution that accelerates content creation while maintaining alignment with a customer’s brand and strategic business objectives. It is ideal for internal agency teams and marketing agencies that take a content first approach to marketing workflow and analytics.

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CapabilitySource clients use Allocadia to improve and modernize marketing financial management capabilities with a focus on budgeting and forecasting. Allocadia provides SaaS functionality to centralize budgeting information and gain control over complex marketing budgets, modernize budgeting methods and integrate spend management into every aspect of the marketing lifecycle. Allocadia is ideal for marketing organizations attempting to gain control over marketing spend, improve accountability for marketing decisions and gain agility in reallocating budget. Allocadia provides a digitally enabled path to budgeting excellence, transparency, accountability and control. If you desire to make marketing decisions based on facts, Allocadia is for you.

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CapabilitySource clients use Hive9 to achieve advanced financial strategy, allocation, accountability and performance measurement functionality. Hive9 provides a unique approach for helping executive, finance and marketing stakeholders understand marketing strategy and reconcile financial plans and performance from multiple financial perspectives. Hive9 also helps stakeholders and business sponsors identify needed course corrections and quickly change marketing strategies to limit risk or maximize return. Hive9 is ideal for organizations desiring to use marketing strategy and financial management capabilities as strategic competitive advantages.

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CapabilitySource clients create bespoke (tailored) applications for operational teams of all types using Appian’s low-code custom application development platform. When clients need a truly unique and built-for-purpose application, Appian can provide it. With Appian, any workflow or user experience may be crafted and implemented quickly and inexpensively. Appian is an ideal technology for the replacement of custom legacy applications and custom cloud applications that combine data and microservices from multiple systems and data sources to create one, unified customer experience. It is ideal for organizations in need of technology modernization, engaging user experiences and business process agility.

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CapabilitySource clients use Growthential expertise to transform marketing strategy. Growthential provides today’s marketing leaders with actionable marketing strategies designed to drive growth and business transformation. Growthential experts are uniquely skilled to meet the needs of today’s senior marketing executives – who are not only required to achieve marketing results, but also have greater influence on non-marketing functions and increased responsibility for driving new digital experiences. Growthential provides our clients with actionable strategies and plans that combine with CapabilitySource’s digital and operational solutions to improve marketing performance and drive growth. With Growthential, our clients are able to transform marketing strategy and deliver real results.


CapabilitySource clients use Retool’s low-code/ no-code application development functionality to build robust, feature-rich, back-office applications. These applications make it easy for workers to manage all types of business information including documents, data and graphics. Retool allows our clients to provide their workers with back-office business applications that shift and adapt quickly to meet the needs of changing organizational structures, evolving processes and increasing regulatory burdens. We have found Retool to be a particularly good fit for clients in need of back-office applications that support e-commerce websites.

CapabilitySource clients use to standardize and organize tasks and activities that include multiple teams, workers, documents and technologies. provides a centralized task management hub that eliminates the need for multiple, redundant and overlapping task lists, duplicate documents and conflicting project information. We find that is an excellent technology to support operations teams that require agility and flexibility in the way they work but require a centralized work hub.


CapabilitySource clients use Contentful as a headless Content Management System (CMS), well suited to drive dynamic website content for e-commerce web and mobile experiences. Contentful offers a unique content authoring environment that greatly simplifies the management of content after creation.  We have found Contentful to be ideal for clients in need of a CMS for non-technical, content creation resources. With Contentful, marketers and other content creation experts can quickly update web and mobile content, test it and move it to production without IT support.


CapabilitySource clients use HubSpot to orchestrate inbound and outbound communications with their customers and prospects. HubSpot provides a suite of sales force, service desk and marketing automation capabilities that personalize messages across touchpoints and interactions. HubSpot provides advanced marketing capabilities like trigger and drip campaigns and integrates these with lead nurturing, scoring and routing. We have found HubSpot to be an excellent modern customer relationship management (CRM) platform for small and mid-sized clients in need of digital transformation. HubSpot provides a digital-first, affordable, user-friendly alternative to traditional CRM technologies with exceptional digital marketing capabilities.


BrandMaker is the most comprehensive marketing operations enablement platform available to CapabilitySource clients. It supports digital transformation of marketing operations from beginning to end. This includes strategy, planning, budgeting, work management and digital asset management. BrandMaker is an excellent marketing technology for mid-sized and larger organizations that need a balanced focus on resource management, performance measurement and optimization. It is ideal for organizations shifting to modern work paradigms like Agile marketing. If you are looking for a comprehensive marketing operations platform that will meet both short- and long-term needs, BrandMaker is for you.


Acquia provides an ecosystem of digital experience platform (DXP) technologies. These technologies are used by mid-sized and large organizations to build personalized, customer-first, data-driven online experiences. With Acquia, CapabilitySource clients can assemble new web and mobile experiences from thousands of existing component libraries, using open-source tools and technologies. Acquia brings all these technologies together in an integrated suite and provides a commercial-grade content authoring environment well suited for non-technical content creators. Acquia makes proven, open-source technologies approachable and easy to use. We have found Acquia to be an excellent fit for organizations that need to take a personalized, experience-first, data-informed approach to communicating with their target market. Acquia is uniquely suited for organizations that prefer to use open-source technologies and want to assemble components into applications, instead of creating components from scratch.


Optimizely provides a full suite of digital experience platform (DXP) products and technologies. These technologies are used by mid-sized and large organizations to build integrated marketing, sales and service experiences based on rich customer data and insights. Optimizely’s recent acquisition of CapabilitySource partner, Welcome, now enables Optimizely to provide marketing solutions across the entire CRM ecosystem. This covers both marketing operations and cross-channel communications. Optimizely provides core functionality to support complex uses cases like behavioral personalization, artificial intelligence, media management, project management and e-commerce. We find Optimizely to be a great fit for organizations using Microsoft technologies that have a desire to create customer centric web and mobile experiences from scratch.

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