MarTech Team Support

MarTech Support: When and How You Need It

Marketing technology is becoming more complex and diverse as technology providers attempt to address new channels, new methods and new markets.

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Engage CapabilitySource to be your Chief Marketing Technologist to establish MarTech Strategy and Planning, MarTech Capability Delivery and MarTech Capability Support.

Increase marketing content quality and output at scale, while supporting a virtual marketing team using modern and personalized digital marketing technology.

Align Marketing and IT with a shared, long-term, and capability-centric MarTech strategy and plan.

Evaluate and deliver fully-integrated marketing technology that supports specific business needs.

Equip and energize marketing and IT staff with the skills and knowledge needed to adopt and support a MarTech solution.

Give users the support they need with CapabilitySource certified experts to administer marketing technologies.

“CapabilitySource’s post-launch support was critical to achieving our high adoption rate. Our consultant was on hand to solve issues, answer questions and help us make updates in real time. It was key to our success.”

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Gain Exceptional MarTech Support quickly and easily

Reduce MarTech support costs and administrative staffing assignments

Lower MarTech support risks and staff dependencies

Enable MarTech support scalability when you need it most

Elevate MarTech Support​