Marketing Operations

Confidence. Resiliency. Agility.

Imagine the Possibilities. Speak with certainty and clarity as to how your marketing strategy supports desired business outcomes. Predict and adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and shift strategy and budget without major disruption. Have confidence that your marketing strategy is precise, accurate and achievable.

Perfectly time targeted marketing messaging to the right person in the right place. Increase visibility by using AI and smarter automations. Effectively use scheduling tools for team coordination and collaboration.

CapabilitySource can make this possible.

Let CapabilitySource assess the health of your Marketing Operations capabilities and create a roadmap to operational maturity.

Experiencing Workflow Inefficiencies?

30 percent of CMOs see Marketing Operations as a vital capability and two-thirds of companies now have a marketing operations function. Now is the time to invest in Marketing Operations.
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Let CapabilitySource assess the health of your Marketing Operations capabilities and create a roadmap to operational maturity.

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Marketing Operations Capabilities

  • Realize a 40 percent reduction in planning effort with automation of strategy and planning workflow
  • Centralize planning data
  • Simplify user experience
  • Improve collaboration
  • Automate the review and approval process
  • Provide a permanent record of all governance decisions and collaborations
  • Capture marketing organizational structures, roles, responsibilities, processes, procedures, policies, and risks in one central location
  • Coordinate all governance scheduling, approvals and documents
  • Enable alignment with compliance and risk and significantly reduce governance-related risk
  • Develop a learning portal to house research findings
  • Orchestrate a research workflow
  • Implement a research gating and prioritization capability
  • Effectively manage research resource utilization and assignment
  • Coordinate supplier on-boarding and off-boarding activities
  • Exchange work seamlessly with suppliers
  • Manage bid activities, PO awards and invoicing
  • Manage supplier and agency budgets
  • Track agency costs and performance
  • Frame technologies into marketing workflow
  • Create an Operational System of Record Hub
  • Manage tech evaluation, acquisition and implementation activities
  • Integrate the MarTech Stack
  • Integrate budget management and ERP systems to seamlessly exchange budget, forecast, actuals, invoice and PO information
  • Enable activity-based and project-based budgeting and financial tracking
  • Actively engage Finance advocates in the marketing planning, budgeting, financial tracking and financial performance analysis workflow
  • Coordinate all reporting and analytics workflow
  • Provide a gated process for ad-hoc reporting requests
  • Develop a centralized dashboard for performance information sharing
  • Enable real-time performance KPI dashboards by augmenting with process mining
  • Provide critical program project master data to the marketing data lake
  • Provide real-time, on-demand education and learning
  • Track learning and education skills and certifications
  • Integrate survey systems to assess skills and abilities
  • Manage new staff or supplier on-boarding activities
  • Evaluate emerging technology and potential business impact
  • Centralize and manage all innovation with structure and accountability
  • Implement a research scoring and prioritization system to assess technology health
  • Coordinate and manage research lab activities to ensure cost optimization
  • Capture campaign and initiative master data
  • Coordinate all program, campaign, initiative and content activities
  • Align with external agencies, finance, sales, compliance and IT
  • Manage lead workflow and follow-up activity
  • Coordinate the development of sales support materials
  • Plan and oversee marketing events and event follow-up
  • Store customer profile data and documents
  • Store brand documents and ensure brand compliance in the content creation workflow
  • Store offer master data

Benefits to Improving Marketing Operations

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Our clients have achieved up to a 17 percent year-over-year reduction in operating cost by improving Marketing Operations capabilities.

CapabilitySource has helped our team adjust our workflow to reflect a new organizational structure; incorporating new users and overhauling our metadata. Additionally, CapabilitySource has helped us formulate new approaches to our resource management.​

Associate Director, Fortune 100 Entertainment Client

Reduce Costs and Gain Efficiency through Marketing Operations Improvements