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Entertainment marketers encounter a unique set of challenges when developing strategies and engaging audiences. These challenges often include changing consumer behaviors, focus on consumer loyalty, centralized asset management, cross-region coordination and synchronized creation of assets. Interactive digital, social and mobile channels may take precedence over traditional channels. The drive for centralization and standardization is inhibited by differing regional models, information needs and operating procedures.

Centralize and Accelerate Asset Creation

CapabilitySource solutions equip marketers in every region with the tools and capabilities they need to synchronize their work, quickly localize content and coordinate local agency services and production activities. A focus on synchronized asset creation and centralized asset management will deliver the greatest benefits to speed and agility, without losing local market personalization. Additional acceleration in content creation is possible using custom campaign templates, existing assets that are easily accessible, automated approvals and end-to-end MarTech integration.

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Entertainment Marketing Characteristics

growing roles icon

Growing role of influencers

need for centralized data icon

Need for centralized digital asset management

strong focus on loyalty icon

Strong focus on loyalty programs

increasing campaign volume icon

Increasing campaign complexity and asset volumes

rapidly changing environment icon

Rapidly changing consumer preferences

widely distributed technology icon

Widely distributed marketing teams and agency ecosystems

Solutions for an ever-evolving industry

CapabilitySource aligns your MarTech, letting you synchronize marketing activities across regions and locations with comprehensive work management capabilities. Staying ahead of the curve and meeting the needs of your customers are crucial to your success in the Entertainment industry. This means having the resources to keep up with competition and consumer demands, which is a necessity for your business.

Synchronize Teams and Increase Asset Volumes

Automate and synchronize localization and translation activities
Centralize loyalty campaign management

Coordinate with local and regional agency partners

Coordinate work across teams, regions and agencies

Implement and integrate Digital Asset Management technology

Integrate and automate content creation and publishing activities

Provide bespoke user experiences and workflow that drive adoption

Client Success Story

One of the largest gaming companies in the world needed to coordinate marketing activities across multiple international regions. CapabilitySource helped marketing leadership adopt new marketing work management and digital asset management capabilities. Results included cross-regional standardization, increased capacity, improved user experience and reduced manual effort.

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