Financial Services & Insurance

Deepening customer relationship. Increasing share of wallet.

Creating personalized marketing strategies that deepen current relationships, reduce customer attrition and drive new customer behavior is no easy task. Add in behavioral customer insights, third customer data, as well as privacy and compliance concerns and you have quite a challenge. CapabilitySource Financial Services clients have conquered these challenges using highly automated strategy and planning systems, secure and personalized user experiences and deep integration with corporate and regulatory filing systems.

Financial services, insurance and banking marketers now have an exhaustive set of new digital technologies and data source available to support marketing strategies. How do you determine which ones to use and how to use them together?

Deep automation of strategy, planning, campaign management, content creation and fulfillment workflow is now possible to lower labor costs, eliminate rework and reduce risk. Best of breed marketing technologies can now seamlessly integrate the entire MarTech stack and align marketers with their key stakeholders.

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Agile. Integrated.

Fortune 100 Financial Services clients have realized up to a 16 percent reduction in annual recurring marketing costs. Our solutions are built to be agile and adaptable to regional, brand and consumer preferences. We simplify the technology landscape needed by Financial Services and Insurance marketers and focus on core technologies that have the most impact on marketing performance. We focus on people first and technology second to ensure adoption and limit disruption. Our solutions are designed to produce measurable improvement results for Financial Services and Insurance brands.

CapabilitySource Financial Services Marketing Improvements

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Automated content curation, expiration and recertification to ensure compliance

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Creation of highly personalized user experiences to reinforce brand experience and drive adoption

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Deep compliance integration to eliminate risk and simplify audit

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Automated strategy and planning capability to shorten the planning process and improve strategy depth and precision

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Customer data enrichment and behavioral modeling to drive personalization

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End to end integration and automated workflow to enable hyper collaboration and efficiency

Your solution for digital transformation

With modern budgeting technology, it is possible to develop best- and worst-case marketing strategies, gain approvals and easily shift between them based on changing market conditions. However, for many, end-to-end workflow is still fragmented, technologies are underutilized and MarTech systems are loosely integrated.

CapabilitySource helps marketing teams that are burdened with operational friction and too much effort and time spent in overseeing campaign activities from start to finish.

Financial Services Marketing Characteristics

Combination (B2C) retail and (B2B) institutional offerings
Desire for more regional and localized messaging
Need for rich custom insights, facts and behavioral data

Plenty of technology but poor technology utilization

Privacy and security concerns
Significant regulatory and compliance burden
Strong focus on long term relationships and share of wallet

Getting Personal

CapabilitySource specializes in helping Financial Services marketing teams develop personalized Martech roadmaps that go well beyond isolated best of breed marketing technologies. Some of the largest Financial Services companies in the world modernize marketing operations, develop shared MarTech roadmaps, adopt new digital technologies and navigate digital transformations that impact people, process, technology and information with the help of CapabilitySource.

Client Success Story

A Fortune 500 Insurance and Financial services company used a variety of tools, processes and procedures to conduct similar types of marketing projects. As a result, leadership struggled to understand information rollups, capacity requirements and best practice methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Deep legacy system dependencies discouraged the introduction of new, modern tools. New custom build or traditional on-premise tool implementation estimates were excessively high.

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Current Challenges for Adopting Digital Marketing Technologies

Avoid the issues that arise from not having a plan for adopting new MarTech.

Digitally transform marketing with CapabilitySource​