We believe in balanced solutions

that encompass all areas of excellence.

This is why CapabilitySource has a unique and proven Capability Modeling Methodology applied across People, Processes, Technology and Information to enable business operation transformation and modernization.

Capability Modeling Methodology



Create an environment where contributor roles are clearly defined, team members are trained and equipped, performance is easily measured and contributions are clearly defined and reported. We ensure the right people can access what they need at the right time to successfully execute their role in any initiative, project or campaign.


Standardize, centralize and automate the process of sharing data among all teams through custom, enterprise solutions. We use process engineering best practices to assess the “as-is” processes and recommend “to-be” processes that simplify data exchange.


Retire antiquated, proprietary tools that no longer support current business needs. We modernize technology solutions that simplify data collection and enable quality data exchange throughout an entire technology eco-system.

Information Create structure by standardizing the information model as well as integrating and automating information across internal and external systems. We capture custom data and propagate it across specific tasks to easily manage operations and measure results.

Process Design Engineering Methodology

This is the nerdy area of CapabilitySource and an area where we sometimes get a lot of blank stares. But it is an important part of a solution where we assess our client’s “as-is” processes, and design a target state of “to-be” processes and procedures that focus on the elimination of non-value-added activities. Our Activity Management Application Methodology (AMA) allows us to focus on Process Framing, Process Assessment, New Process Design, Process Solution Design and Process Implementation.

If you are nerds like us and are still with us, we utilize Lean Six Sigma techniques to develop SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers), understand Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measures, develop a RASCI (responsible, accountable, supportive, consulted and informed) matrix and analyze processes through root cause analysis. We then develop a new solution design, and implement new processes through configurations and change management techniques such as managing prototypes and user pilots and simulations to verify the “to-be” process design along the way.

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