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Marketing leaders must understand the strengths and weaknesses of current strategy, planning and budgeting processes in order to improve them. Start making your strategy nimble and agile in 5 minutes with the Strategy, Planning and Budgeting (SPB) Readiness Calculator.

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Agile, nimble marketing strategy is essential for responding to changes in consumer preference and unexpected market disruption.

Use the SPB Readiness Calculator to determine how nimble and agile your strategy is today and benchmark your current readiness level. Discover ways to improve SPB business capabilities and evaluate technology alternatives. In 5 minutes and 24 questions you can determine your readiness, view your results and generate a report to share with others.


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The CapabilitySource Team has developed a quick SPB Readiness Calculator that draws on years of experience, industry insights, technology input and best practices. It provides both benchmarks and improvement recommendations that will intrigue you.


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The SPB Readiness Calculator maps your responses to maturity benchmarks and explains how you can improve over time with specific business capability improvements and technology investments.


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Request SPB Readiness Calculator results in a personalized SPB readiness report that includes graphics, ratings, findings and improvement recommendations, tailored to your situation.