The Importance of an Operational System of Record

As a marketing team member, you’ve likely felt the frustration of having disconnected workflow that causes your team to waste time waiting for input, looking for information and reworking assets. It could be because there is ineffective collaboration or disjointed systems, content requestors and creators struggle to communicate effectively, or the current process is inefficient. Regardless, your team probably understands this struggle.

An abundance of companies face these issues but continue to use antiquated technologies and broken workflows rather than finding a lasting solution. Many companies that do invest in modern marketing technology do not fully utilize and optimize the features of their MarTech stack.

In fact, recent studies have found that more than 40% of companies don’t use any modern MarTech to manage their work activities. Many of these companies still use spreadsheets to track and manage their initiatives. Another study identified that out of the marketing organizations that use modern MarTech, most only use an estimated 50% of the features provided by their technology stack.

Despite these challenges, there are feasible ways to become more effective and efficient. Modern work management capabilities bring teams together and help team members produce their best work as quickly as possible. It’s time to use proven operational principles and OSR technologies to invest in the business of marketing and balance effectiveness with efficiency. Focus time and resources on both the creative and business aspects of marketing.

Modern marketing teams need modern marketing technologies to manage the business of marketing and establish one operational system of record, a source of truth.

That’s why it is time to adopt a marketing OSR and amplify your marketing results.

Let’s start with the basics.

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