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Just as a tailor creates a specialized fit to a garment, CapabilitySource specializes in personalizing out-of-the-box SaaS technology implementations. We recommend a discovery phase – or fitting – where we capture personal requirements. Based on these requirements, we configure the SaaS technology to meet the unique and personalized needs, offer integration where needed, then manage pilots and training, change management activities and go-live support.

We want users to be prepared and excited for their new technology, just as a tailor wants his or her client to feel confident in their new garment. So we also provide custom training to drive full adoption.

Once initial implementations are adopted in one business area, additional implementations across the enterprise can be implemented using a similar and repeatable implementation approach. An additional service after a successful implementation is the identification of additional optimizations that can be performed, supporting a paradigm that supports a Continual Process Improvement Model.

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