Streamlining Your Marketing Compliance Process

We can help reduce labor costs related to Marketing Compliance activities by up to 50 percent and eliminate compliance bottlenecks in your content creation process.

Traditional approaches to ensure Marketing, Sales and Service Communications Compliance at all levels are falling short. Increases in content volumes and uses are overloading both content creators and content reviewers. Content creators need a better understanding of how to produce content that is compliant, and Compliance professionals need better alignment with business areas to provide timely, actionable compliance instruction that reduces Compliance related content rework.

Alignment between Marketing and Compliance at the operational, systems and data levels is essential to improving Compliance quality while also reducing the cost and burden associated with Marketing, Sales and Service content creation. Common impediments to Marketing and Compliance alignment include:

  • Outdated or siloed Compliance work management technology
  • Lack of systems level submission, review and response handling automation
  • Inadequate status, acceptance rate and rejection information
  • Fragmented, ad-hoc submission data and tracking methods
  • Security and visibility concerns

Master Marketing Compliance and Eliminate Bottlenecks

At CapabilitySource, we understand how to align Marketing and Compliance. We have partnered with the top performing cloud work management and integration technology and have implemented modern Compliance work management systems for some of the largest global brands.

Let CapabilitySource help you modernize the way you conduct compliance submission, review and response handling through improvements including:

  • Marketing and Compliance work management technology evaluation, prototyping, implementation and support
  • Real-time reporting on status, volumes, accept rates and feedback so business units can track status and overall effectiveness
  • Tracking of content versions and associated metadata, regulations and interactions with regulators
  • Content control from creation to distribution
  • Timely, helpful compliance feedback and training of content creators
  • Personalized compliance reports and key metrics for individual performance evaluation
  • Real-time dashboards with status of submissions by submitter, reviewer or regulator


Governance and Compliance Optimization Overview

A large Fortune 100 financial services client needed to modernize their MarTech stack and integrate governance and compliance into their everyday workflow. An outdated marketing compliance system was costing roughly $500,000 annually to maintain. It failed to scale to new asset volumes and provide cloud features needed to mitigate risks in preventing compliance incidents and