How to Increase Efficiency Between In-house & Agency Marketing Teams

Imagine reducing your marketing agency costs and gaining operational control, transparency and improved collaboration with your agencies. It can happen.

Many marketing executives continue to struggle to establish the perfect balance of in-house services, external agency relationships, agencies of record and collaborative agency ecosystems. Although some companies report up to 60 percent savings when moving to insourced models, it’s very difficult to pull off ─ even when accomplished, internal and external market factors, new changes in technology, consumer preference and brand goals may cause models to continue shifting.

With media and agency services representing roughly 50 percent of marketing budget spend, it is critical to establish the ability to quickly shift internal capabilities between in-house and external agency ecosystems.  Operational equilibrium can be achieved using integrated digital technologies and modern work management methods that provide operational control, cost transparency and hyper collaboration.

Increase Agility Between Marketing and Agency Teams

Agile alignment between Marketing and the Agency ecosystem at the operational, systems and data levels is essential to media and agency services cost reduction. Operational agility can be accomplished by establishing clear marketing capability and platform needs and then determining which capabilities will be performed in-house, by others or not at all. For those capabilities to be outsourced to external parties, an RFP style evaluation may be used to assemble a group of specialized agencies that aligns with brand goals. Many methods exist for doing this but the key to making it work lies in work management and integration technologies. These may be used to provide the same operational touch points and engagement capabilities across all agencies, internal or external.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Flexibility in agency-oriented staffing options
  • Agility to quickly shift capabilities in-house or externally
  • Ability to shift staffing strategy to align with brand goals
  • Broader agency ecosystems
  • More agency compensation structure options
  • Reduced agency cost with minimal output reduction
  • Eliminate Information Boundaries and Increase Efficiency

At CapabilitySource, we understand how to align Marketing and Agency teams to work better together. We have implemented modern, cloud-based solutions to improve internal and external agency work management and to align strategy, planning, creative and fulfillment activities across internal and external teams. CapabilitySource Marketing and Agency alignments have consolidated up to 10 internal marketing work management and agency systems into one, integrated system that meets the needs of a global marketing team. Agency alignment has eliminated information boundaries between internal and external teams, reduced costs per asset, asset rework and traffic manager effort while reducing cycle time by up to 20 days.

Let us help you streamline and integrate Marketing with in-house and external agencies. We offer alignment improvements including:

  • Marketing and Agency work management technology evaluation, prototyping, implementation and support
  • Agency Services capability modeling and capability improvement road mapping
  • Agency work management automation
  • Agency content review and approval automation and optimization
  • Creative content digital proofing automation
  • Agency document and data integration


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