Beyond 2020 Webinar: What Marketing Leaders Learned in 2020 Hardships

Learn how CapabilitySource supported Amway in successfully increasing revenue in 2020 despite disruption in the marketplace

SAN ANTONIONov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – In order to educate marketing leaders on solutions that will strengthen their strategic planning in 2021, CapabilitySource and Amway of North America will discuss how they successfully adapted strategies, plans and budgets to be more nimble, flexible, relevant and efficient in a changing marketplace. Hosted by Workfront, this webinar takes real-world examples and teaches best practices that have been learned from 2020 hardships.

CEO of CapabilitySource Glenn Coward believes that this webinar will serve as a tool for companies to re-evaluate and improve their internal planning processes.

“It’s been a crazy year. We’ve had a lot of clients that have struggled to create strategies that are actionable and have been forced to deal with strategy changes in 2020,” Coward said. “For many organizations the strategy, planning and budgeting process is not well defined. With everything that is going on, it’s now more important than ever to effectively equip your organization to adapt to the marketplace.”

According to Gartner, companies entered 2020 with marketing budgets that had already been cut from 11.2% of revenue to 10.5%. 40% of marketers now expect a more than 15% reduction in budget by the end of 2020, making it imperative to centralize strategies and drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Manager of Production Services at Amway North America Greg Lindhout speaks into ways he has kept his strategy and planning aligned despite major shifts in the past few years. By working with CapabilitySource to streamline their marketing strategy and workflow processes, Amway has responded to significant marketing changes with a 20% increase in revenue in several product categories in 2020.

“By shifting many of our processes internally, we have now allowed for our marketers to estimate the cost of projects within our normal scope instantly. They can now make wise decisions because of the ways we streamlined and optimized our workflow.”

To find out how marketers are adapting their planning processes to be more nimble and agile while centralizing and internalizing agency services, participants can register at

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About CapabilitySource: CapabilitySource is a digital business transformation consultancy that provides MarTech strategy, implementation, integration and support services with a specialization in marketing work management. We work with marketers in Fortune 1000 companies to protect their marketing budget and align marketing strategies with overall corporate objectives. Our team delivers solutions for large enterprises, realizing up to $1 million in annual cost savings while increasing marketing capacity by up to 30%.

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